Zinc & Vitamin C x60 Tablets Pack


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Zinc and Vitamin C

60 pack of Zinc and Vitamin C tablets. These are easily absorbable for immunity, fertility and overall general wellbeing.

What is Zinc?

Zinc is an extremely important mineral and regrettably something that most of us don’t get allot of, according to the latest National Diet and Nutrition Survey. This partly due because the body cant store it so we have to receive intake regularly, however many experts tend to believe that our modern farming, processing and practises have led to a reduction in our diet.

Zinc’s practical and proven health benefits range form immunity support and cognitive functions, to assisting in keeping eyes, skin, hair, nails and bones in peek condition. Along with that it also aids in normal macronutrient metabolism and protein synthesis. Furthermore, it’s a top contributor in fertility, especially for men helping maintain healthy bloods levels of the testosterone hormone.

In complementary fashion we’ve added the recommend full daily nutritional requirement of vitamin C, helping to boost immune health and acting as antioxidant, keeping any damage to cells in check.

What makes ours better?

Simple. We opt for and use zinc citrate, it’s easily absorbed, therefore assisting in maximising the loaded benefits of this incredible nutrient. As a bonus, it’s sleekly packed into a one-per-day, simply to swallow tablet. Not bad.

Who can use this?

If you’re one of those looking to protect immunity, fertility, bones and overall wellfare of mind and body in one vegan friendly, simple to swallow daily tablet this is for you. It’s also important to note that this is ideal for those vegetarian or vegan diets (despite zinc being found in wholesome grain cereals, most of the food sources containing zinc are meats, shellfish and dairy based products).

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