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Uprise LED

10mm RGBW Digital LED Tape (RGB+4000K) 30LED per meter (12W/M) SMD5050 5V 5M

10mm RGBW Digital LED Tape (RGB+4000K) 30LED per meter (12W/M) SMD5050 5V 5M

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*Supplied on 5M Reel. This individually controllable RGBW (4000K) pixel LED tape offers fluid, exciting effects. Create full colour strobes, flows and pixel patterns easily. 5V


Voltage: 5V
Supplied Length: 5M
Wattage: 12W per meter
LEDs per meter: 30
IC Type: WS2811
Cut Points: 33mm
LED Spacings: 33mm
Colour: RGB-NW
PCB Colour: White
PCB Thickness: 2 Ounce
Voltage drop: 4M trail off (Power both ends)
Data Flow: Arrow points away from data/power source.
Cable: 3 core flat cable
Cable Colours: Red +, Black -, Yellow Data
Cut to length service: Available on request

Wiring Diagram

Our digital RGBW LED strip is a flexible full colour pixel LED strip light. It has amongst the widest range of uses out of all types of flex tape strips. Championing individually addressable pixels that can each be controlled with the widest gamut of colour, full RGBW. This means you can reach the full colour spectrum whilst also having precision control over every single LED. This level of control allows for a wide scope of both colour generation and kinetic visual effects. Animations such as roasting flames, night sky twinkles, sparkles, static and moving gradients along with cross fades, bounces, pulses, comets and even low resolution video to name a few examples.

Uprise's tried and tested digital LED strip is made to a high standard using the best components. We call this pioneer grade. Within the make up of our strip is a diffused LED offering superior colour mixing. Use this strip as a feature light within alcoves, bars, restaurants in the home for kitchen entertaining, lounges for relaxation or even in home cinemas for dramatic effect. Due to the intelligent range of colour our pixel strip is also ideal within custom lights boxes to improve mood and wellbeing. Studies show that introducing smart lighting that mimics the bodies natural circadian rhythm can improve emotional and psychological wellbeing.

Our Digital LED Strip 30 RGBW strip is available in two IP rated types.

  • IP20 - For internal non waterproof fit outs.
  • IP65 - For splash proof applications such as bars, clubs or other areas where splashes of water or liquid ingress may be present.

In addition our pixel LED strip comes is available in two PCB paint finishes, white or black.

  • White - Typical for everyday applications such as in coves, within aluminium profiles or within lights boxes. When in an enclosure white finish helps reflect the light to improve overall brightness and wash out of visual.
  • Black - This is ideal for areas that are finished in black and the desire is to only see the pixel LEDs. The result? An almost ghost like visual.

Should you require something brighter or a higher definition of pixel LEDs, we have the following products available.

  • Digital LED Strip RGBW 60 - Our 60LED per meter digitally addressable RGBW LED strip packs a serious punch. Consisting of of twice as many LEDs as our 30LED version it's ideal when you need extra brightness.

Q) Are these digital LED strips pixel mappable?
A) Yes these can be pixel mapped via any leading control software.

Q) What is pixel mapping?
A) Pixel mapping is when each LED is used as a controllable pixel in a larger grid or matrix. Imagine a lower resolution but bright display. Now imagine that display is a single yet flexible line, that's an addressable pixel LED strip. Pixel LEDs can come in many different product forms including batons, large domes, orbs and even IP rated nodes.

Q) How do I install and program an RGBW digital LED strip?
A) Please our installation and setup guide.

Q) What do "channels" mean? I notice you mention each LED uses 4 channels, what does this actually mean?
A)  A channel is assigned to control different parameters also known as a (personality) of a light. Traditionally this could be a colour, rotation or strobe and have values of 0-255. In our case it's the 4 colours of each individual pixel LED, red, green, blue and white. 4 channel.

Q) What is sACN or Artnet?
A) For more information on sACN or Artnet checkout

Q) What is DMX?
A) DMX stands for digital multiplex. See this article for more information

Q) What is DMX universe 512?
A) A DMX universe consists of 512 channels, remember how we answered what channels were before? Well a single universe is made up of 512 channels. This means that 1 dmx universe can control  512/3 (RGB) = 170 RGB pixels or 512/4 (RGBW) = 128 RGBW pixels.

Q) What power supply do I need to run these strips?
A) This particular strip is 5v and consumes 12W/M or 60W per 5M supplied reel. You will require a 5V 100W / 200W / 320W or larger power supply.

Q) What controller do I need to control these strips?
A) Feel to contact us on 0116 406 2959 to discuss your project needs, we can assist you in bring your ideas to life.

Q) How do I control these lights from my mobile or iPad?
A) There are several ways of achieving this and it will depend on the overall goal of your project. Contact us today, we're here to help.

Questions & Answers

I need help designing my project, can you help?

Our team of LED experts can assist you with your design from start to finish. You will be provided with a quotation, wiring diagram and support documentation to help get the result you deserve.

Can you custom cut this strip to length?

We can custom cut your LED tape lights, Neon Flex and LED extrusion profiles to exact specification. Contact us for more information.

What aluminium LED extrusions can I fit this into?

This product is 12mm and will fit into all LED profiles with an inside width of 12mm and above.

How can I buy?

You either buy individual components online or call us on 0116 406 2959 or email us at and a member of our team will help you with your project.

What support will I receive once I’ve purchased?

Our aim is to ensure you get an end result that you are completely satisfied with, we’re here to help.

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