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x3 Copper Infused Face Masks Grey Free Advice UK

x3 Copper Infused Face Masks Grey Free Advice UK

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Copper Infused Face Mask Covering by UpriseMED. Phoenix Force Protect.

*UK supplier of copper face coverings. Non-Medical use. For general use only.

Copper Face Guard - Multi Layer Filtration Illustration

Excellent 4 layer defence at a cost of just 8p per day! Good for x40 weekly washes. To wash simply massage with distilled water once weekly. See below for more information on how to wash.

x3 re-usable, washable, breathable copper infused face masks by UpriseMED. Featuring advanced 4 layer filtration, it's a fantastic aid to reduce infections. Available in Grey. Ideal for public transport travel and other social environments.

Why do we do what we do?

Discover The Light, Protect Life [Video]

Why? Because we're going to do whatever it takes to protect our fellow countrymen. That means keeping ahead of the curve in this fight against CoronaVirus from the ground up.

Our Phoenix Force Protect Face Mask is a real game changer in the battle against Covid19. Some say a great defence is a great offence, well we say that. Copper surfaces have been known to destroy viruses within minutes.

Here is a 2015 study from the Southampton University The benefit of our copper mask is consistent daily wearable comfort whilst also offering beautiful aesthetics. It also meets new government guidelines for face coverings when social contact is unavoidable.


How to wear and wash a copper infused face mask

How to wash copper infused face masks [Video]

10 Great Features

1) Copper infused fabric.

2) Advanced 4 layer filtration.

3) Re-usable & Re-washable. Simply massage the mask with cleaned and rinsed hands once weekly with distilled or cooled boiled water. Good for 40 wash cycles.

4) Comfortable and easy to wear

5) Spacious room for breathing

6) Metal clip nose bridge for secure sealing

7) Adjustable ear loops for simple face fit adjustment

8) Supplied in sealed packs

9) Ideal for public transport, hay fever, overcrowded social situations or even as a barrier against pollution whilst cycling.

10) Great looking aesthetics as far as face masks go. Silver / Grey coloured copper ion face mask

Questions and Answers relating to Copper Infused Face Masks.

Q) Can I wash and re-use this?
Yes, upto every 2 weeks depending on active use. This can be rinsed and gently massaged with clean hands in distilled water and left to dry/air out for 5 hours. We recommend washing every week for best practise.

Q) How long will this mask last?
1 year or approximately 40 wash cycles

Q) Where is this product originally manufactured?

Q) Are there other similar copper infused face masks like this on the market?
Perhaps, our's is unique in as much as it displays our Phoenix Egg emblem. Representing rejuvenation and healing.

Q) Where can I use this mask?
A) This mask is ideal for general use including public transport travel, social situations and as per government guidelines in places where social distancing is impractical.

Q) Is this comfortable to wear for long periods of time?
A) Yes, the soft, cushioned design offers excellent comfort.

Q) What are other names for this copper mask?
Copper impregnated masks are often also known by as copper mouth masks, copper guards, copper barriers, copper face covers or coverings. They can also be referred to under clothing or wear with copper infused threads woven throughout.

Q) Can my child wear one to school?
A) They are designed for an adult face however the tie bands can be adjusted to fit. It would be ideal to first test this and see if it’s practical. Use own best judgement.

Q) Do I just need one mask or should I use in a bi-daily rotation?
Although one mask should suffice depending on usage. We believe it's best practise to have two of these masks at hand used in a bi-daily rotation.

Q) Is it easy to breathe with this on?
A) Our specially designed mask offers all around comfort and breathing ease all things considered.

Q) Does this come with free shipping?
A) Yes at this time we’re offering free shipping for a limited time only.

Q) What happens if my copper infused face mask is damaged or not up to scratch?
A) All of our face shields are carefully inspected before being dispatched. We aim to offer a valuable service from order to your peace of mind. Should a product have a fault we will aim to rectify the issue in some way either sending a new face shield or offering a discount / free carriage on your next order.

Q) What other applications or environments can this face mask be used for or within?
A) These are ideal for on-person travel into environments such as public transport, retail, front of staff, construction, manufacturing, logistics, salons, cafe’s, restaurants, estate agents or other social environments where social distancing is impossible.

Q) I've never heard of a copper infused face guard, what is it and why should I use it?
This is a new style of re-usable face mask that is slowly becoming recognised. The special properties of copper as an active surface against viruses, bacteria or bugs is now beneficial to a face mask. The fabric of this mask is infused with copper offering advanced properties compared to other re-usable civilian grade fabric masks.

Copper has been used since ancient times for water purification and even now is generally used throughout the world in pipes for carrying water.

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Features & Benefits

  • Copper infused face mask that is comfortable to wear.

  • Breathable, Washable, Cost Effective.

  • Re-usable and Re-washable for daily usage and longevity.

  • Simple yet effective, wearable design. Our effective copper mask is ergonomic and helps alleviate irritation over time.

  • Comfortable to wear. Made of quality, copper infused fabric for long usage.

  • Well designed and built with durable elastic head band

  • Family, friends and community come first, aesthetic style second. That said, we're confident in our uniquely designed grey copper mask and we're sure you'll love it as well.

  • Stylish grey design with our phoenix egg inspired emblem.

  • Professional UK supplier available 7 days a week to support you. Feel free to call us on 0116 406 2959.

What our customers are saying

D Nelson
(verified owner)  

“Product arrived swiftly just as described, had struggled to get these elsewhere. Spoke to Stevie who has obviously spent time to research various products that may help in our daily fight against this coronavirus, glad to support those who have made an effort to help others”

More from Uprise..

Operation Blue Turtle

Operation Blue Turtle

It's time to help alleviate the pressure on the NHS from the ground up. Every action used to prevent a case from happening is one less case to worry about. Whether that be a face shield, simple 3 ply disposable mask or even copper infused surfaces. Prevention is better than the cure.

I wish you all the best and stay safe. Rest assured we are working relentlessly daily to help in this fight against Covid19. Thank you to all the NHS and medical professionals, retail staff, logistics drivers, delivery people, suppliers, colleagues and our customers who are working hard every day to keep the nation safe. Divided we stand, united we stand.

Stephen John Watts.
Uprise Founder

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Questions & Answers

I need help designing my project, can you help?

Our team of LED experts can assist you with your design from start to finish. You will be provided with a quotation, wiring diagram and support documentation to help get the result you deserve.

Can you custom cut this strip to length?

We can custom cut your LED tape lights, Neon Flex and LED extrusion profiles to exact specification. Contact us for more information.

What aluminium LED extrusions can I fit this into?

This product is 12mm and will fit into all LED profiles with an inside width of 12mm and above.

How can I buy?

You either buy individual components online or call us on 0116 406 2959 or email us at and a member of our team will help you with your project.

What support will I receive once I’ve purchased?

Our aim is to ensure you get an end result that you are completely satisfied with, we’re here to help.

Shipping & Returns

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Questions & Answers - LED Strips

Q) Do you have a fast, easy connection system for LED strip lights?

A) Yes typically our COB LED tape lights come with a 500mm lead with a micro male connector that clicks into our range of furniture lighting LED Drivers.

This allows for one of the fastest, simplest LED strip light setups you'll experience.

We also supply male to female micro connector extension leads which are available in 2M/3M/4M/5M/10M/20M lengths. This allows a quick and easy way of getting a cable to an LED strip without the need for onsite soldering.

Overall Benefits

1) Save allot of time onsite or with your project due to click and connect system.
2) Reduce risk of faulty connections due to poor soldering.
3) Allows adaptability in system connectivity for hard to reach areas.
4) Our cabinet LED drivers are also compatible with cabinet sensors such as hand wave, single & double door (for walkin wardrobes / cabinets) and PIR for movement.
5) Our next generation furniture LED drivers offer sensor and remote handset / wifi syncronisation.

Q) Can you help me with my LED lighting project design?

Yes, we're here to help you bring your unique project to completion.

Our team of LED lighting experts with over 16 years experience will go through your project with you and ensure a solution that's best suited for your goals.

Q) Do you supply no dot COB LED tape lights?

A) Yes, Uprise aims to bring you the absolute latest in LED strip technology including "no dot" COB LED strip lights. We're now able to supply COB LED tape at just 3mm wide along with 4mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm.

Looking to add spotless COB LED strips for your kitchen under cabiet lighting, within cupboards or within routed grooves? Or perhaps you to light up your bathroom or vanity mirrors? We can help supply a made to measure solution ideally suited for your project.

Q) How do I bend LED tape around a corner?

A) LED tape lights typically flex up/down and not side to side. So there are a options for mounting LED tapes around corners.

Option 1: Mount the LED tape horizontally allowing for it's natural bend ability.

Option 2: For corner applications where the LED tape is mounted and cannot bend you can use corner accessories. This are typically a good option but connections can come lose or degrade over time.

Option 3: Communicate your requirement to us and we can create and solder a corner "knuckle joint" especially for your project. Get in touch today via or 07957 180 481.

Q) Are your LED strip lights available in 12V or 24V?

A) We typically offer both 12V and 24V LED strips. These come in a wide variety of colour options including "no dot" COB LED tapes, single colour, CCT, RGB, RGBW & RGBCCT.

I've heard about 12V, 24V and even 5V LED tape lights, what's the difference?

12V and 24V are the standard for most single colour or colour changing LED tapes.

The main difference between 12V and 24V is how far you can run an LED tape light without voltage drop.

What is voltage drop? It's the distance in which an LED light strip can be powered from one end without the light degrading or "trailing off" in brightness. 24V carries further than 12V before a noticeable brightness drop is visibly seen.

Another key difference you'll notice between 12V and 24V is the "cut points", these are the points in which an LED tape can be cut and are typically indicated by copper pads. With 12V the cut points are usually smaller allowing for a precision fit whereas 24V are usually wider.

So you could say 24V LED strip lights are good for long distance straight runs when you may only be able to feed from one end and 12V are better for smaller lengths where a "precision fit" for the light result is needed.

So what about 5V, what's the deal?

5V LED tape lights are usually associated with flexible Digitial pixel LED strip lights. These come in either single colour, RGB or RGBW and allow individual control over each LED. They can be controlled by SPI or DMX LED drivers or controller receivers. And then pixel mapped by frontend software such as Madrix, Light Jams, ELM or other such software.

Q) Do you supply LED profiles / aluminium channels for LED strips?

A) Yes we offer a wide range of aluminium profiles including the latest generation micro recessed, corner and surface types. Available in black / silver. Complete with blackout / semi-diffuser cover for a seamless light impression.

We also Plaster-in, walkover and circle tube style profiles along with standard sized corner, surface or recessed.

Q) What guarantee or warranty to do you provide?

All our products typically come with a 3-5 year warranty unless otherwise advised.

For modified LED strips by ourselves we offer a 1 year back to base warranty. However we always aim to provide a professional bespoke service. This is extremely unlikely to affect long term performance of the LED strip lights. Typical life estimation for our LED strips are 50,000 hours.

Q) Are your LED strips available in just white or do you offer colours as well?

A) We offer white LED tape lights along with CCT (Colour changing temperature, smart whites), RGB, RGBW and RGBCCT colour changing LED strips.

Whites: 2300K Deep Warm, 2700 Warmer, 3000K Warm, 4000K Neutral, 5000K Natural, 6000K Cool, 6500K Cooler.

CCT (Dual white): 2700K-6000K

RGB: Colour Changing for vibrant colours

RGBW: RGB3000K, RGB4000K,RGB6000K colour changing for vibrant colours, dedicated whites and pastel hues and shades.

RGBCCT: RGBCCT offers the most complete colour rendering. Allowing for vibrant colours and two seperate dedicated whites (typically 3K-6K) for crisp colour selection and toning.

Q) Are LED tape lights flexible? How flexible?

A) LED tape lights are extremely flexible, offering versatility in light planning and integration.

Typically LED tape lights will flex up and down. This allows for straight runs or if side facing to bend at 90 degree angles around a perimeter.

Depending on the LED tape it can also be flexed and folded or "looped" to get around corners within a wide cove integration for example. If in doubt contact one of our support team.

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